About Sonoma County

What's so special about Sonoma County?


Located in the heart of northern California wine country, just an hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge, Sonoma County feels a world away from city life and the stress of daily living. Its diverse environment of vineyards, redwoods, coast, mountains, rivers and lakes- offer a welcome escape.

"Sonoma County is a million acres of sensual delights, an area that exudes serenity and a welcoming energy that touches all the senses. To me, this is one reason many Native American tribes settled here. They enjoyed a peaceful existence and understood the bounty that nature provides for inhabitants, who take the time to listen to – and respect – the local environment." - says Hermine

Our region has more than 300 wineries, from world-famous labels to small, family-run operations. Many of them emphasize organic, sustainable winemaking and farming practices, with a growing movement toward true biodynamic farming.

We are blessed with 76 miles of gorgeous Pacific Ocean coastline and majestic redwood forests. There are more state and county parks than any other county around us.

People here are passionate outdoor loving men and women with a wide array of activities from biking to hiking to kayaking to golfing – and more. Even though the area of Sonoma County is more than a million acres, the population is under 500,000, giving you room to breathe.

The friendly residents are everywhere, they are people who live here and love it here.  They are more than happy to share their favorite places to eat, drink and just be.

We also have some of the best natural light on earth. Artists come from all over the world to paint here because of the exquisite light.

Sonoma County truly is a place where you can breathe easy, relax and be yourself all day every day. 

About Sonoma County